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ETA Narratives

William Freda

“A Ride Through the Park”

Si Satchanalai Historical Park, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Follow Will in exploring this ancient historical city and learned what he found.

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Amy Zhao

“Learning to Be a Guest”

Enjoy Amy’s experience of being a guest as well as a cultural ambassador and an Asian American in a Thai small community

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Haley Gerber

“Finding The Love That’s There”

Let’s enjoy the most memorable Haley’s story regarding to her appreciation of being English Teaching Assistant at Mae Moh Wittaya School in Lampang Province where she learns the secret ingredients of Thai food.

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Apeksha Atal

‘Celebrating Holidays Abroad’

Let’s enjoy Apeksha’s story, detailing her appreciation of being an Indian-American Cultural Ambassador in the new territory, Nakhon Si Thammarat, a southern province of Thailand.

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Hannah Wiles

“A Year in the South”

Learning of Hannah’s appreciation towards her living in South of Thailand

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Angie O’Donnell

Knock Knock…. Community’s Calling

Enjoy Angie’s story of her living in a small peaceful town, Si Satchanalai, Sukhothai Province

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Casey Kraichoke

A Taste of Thailand

“It has been said that food is the simplest way to learn about another culture”. Prove this by reading Casey’s story and see how she exposes herself to Thailand and gain valuable experiences that she will never forget.

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Anne Cushman

The Delusion of the Timeline

Ann’s story tells us how she embraces her ETA moments in Thailand through the fondest memories of the spontaneous, sometimes slow moving, Thai schedule, and how a willing ‘Yes’ opens many doors of precious experiences for her.

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Yvette LeBlanc

‘What’s in a Name’

“It is not the name that is the most important part, but the people.” Let’s explore Yvette’s story about her experiences and her viewpoints about being called by new names in each individual environment she is going through all along her ETA journey in Thailand.

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