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ETA Narratives

Anne Cushman

The Delusion of the Timeline

Ann’s story tells us how she embraces her ETA moments in Thailand through the fondest memories of the spontaneous, sometimes slow moving, Thai schedule, and how a willing ‘Yes’ opens many doors of precious experiences for her.

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Yvette LeBlanc

‘What’s in a Name’

“It is not the name that is the most important part, but the people.” Let’s explore Yvette’s story about her experiences and her viewpoints about being called by new names in each individual environment she is going through all along her ETA journey in Thailand.

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Thaviny Shaipitisiri

‘Finding Home in Self While in Thailand’

Feel Thaviny’s home in Thailand through her lifetime experience and how she exposes to Thainess as a Thai-Laotian American ETA.

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Michael Brier

‘Sharing a Table: New Languages for Family’

Enjoy Mike’s story telling how he connects to his colleagues as well as his community through Thai’s food and eating culture.

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Katriya Burkdoll


Katriya tells about her experience with regard to one Thai school culture when a teacher leaving for new school, i.e. its pattern as well as the meaningful beauty. Katriya also touches on the culture of gift giving in the school and its hidden meaning.

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Christine Kim

To Be a Cultural Ambassador

Join Christine to learn about the beauty of being a cultural ambassador living in the cross-cultural setting through her role as a teacher as well as a learner in the same time.

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Alex Ash

‘The Power of Play’

It is not only playing, but it’s a power of play contributing towards the learning experience. The story features Alex’s observation on his students’ playing both inside and outside classrooms and how it helps develop their learning skills.

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Benedict Osajie


What’s it like to be a gentleman in Thailand? Learn more from this gentleman’s tale in which Benedict Osajie portrays his story and teaching experience in Thakonyang Pittayakom School where he and his students have learned each other’s cultures from understanding and through their interactions in classroom and extracurricular activities. Benedict also shares about how he lives his Thai life and what he has accomplished in the past months as an ETA including celebrating Black History Month and becoming a dance teacher.

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