Inspiring Caring Leaders Across Cultures  

ETA Narratives

Stephanie Loui

‘What Will Grow’

Feel the peaceful and beautiful scenery of the Thailand northeast, its people and culture through Stephanie’ series of thematic poems

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Camilla Fuller

‘Learning to Lean on People: Group and Individual Processing’

Nothing is better than having caring friends and people around you. Enjoy Camilla’s story to appreciate the power of alliance and collaboration.

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Dominique Callahan

‘The Student and the Teacher: A Dance of Symbiosis!’

Check out how Dominique focuses on student-teacher relationships and her own language learning processes to help build confidence in her students.

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Alexandra DeCraene

‘Camp and Culture in Ubon Ratchathani’

Join Alexandra as she discovers the wonders of Ubon Ratchathani’s famous candle festival with her fellow cohort members.

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Mary Grace Sheers

‘Having Fun Isn’t Hard When You’ve Got a Library Card’

MG looks at how their local library has become the source of many beautiful community building opportunities.

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Jasmine Bolden

‘Life’s Little Bracelets’

Jasmine explores what it means to “find your calling” and reflects on how her ETA experience has validated her passion for teaching.

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Vanessa Grapes

‘Welcoming Interuptions’

Follow Vanessa through an unexpected adventure and some of the personal and cultural revelations that it inspired.

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William Freda

“A Ride Through the Park”

Si Satchanalai Historical Park, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Follow Will in exploring this ancient historical city and learned what he found.

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Amy Zhao

“Learning to Be a Guest”

Enjoy Amy’s experience of being a guest as well as a cultural ambassador and an Asian American in a Thai small community

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