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Who We Are

The Fulbright Program in Thailand was established on July 1, 1950 by the creation of the United States Educational Foundation through a bilateral agreement between the governments of Thailand and the U.S. The Foundation was renamed the Thailand-U.S. Educational Foundation (TUSEF) in 1963 but is popularly referred to as “Fulbright” or “Fulbright Thailand”.

The Foundation is administered under its bi-national Board of Directors comprising 14 representatives, 7 from each country. A representative from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs acts as the Board’s Chair and a representative from the U.S. Embassy in Thailand as Vice-Chair. The U.S. Ambassador to Thailand is the Honorary Chair.

As a bilateral program, funding for the Foundation comes from both governments through the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the U.S. Department of States. Contribution from the Thai side accumulates 15 million baht or 36% of the total budget.

Currently, the Foundation administers 11 awards under the Fulbright Program with approximately 70-80 Thai and U.S. grantees annually. It also helps administer other 2 awards as requested by the U.S Department of State and the U.S. Embassy Bangkok.