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Interview Result: 2022 Fulbright JRS Program

The Thailand – United States Educational Foundation (Fulbright Thailand) is pleased to announce the interview results of the 2022 Fulbright Junior Research Scholarship Program (JRS). Congratulations to all 5 finalists!


Category: General Doctoral Students

Principal Candidates:

  1. Ms. Pitchayakarn Takomthong, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Khon Kaen University  
  2. Mr. Thana Kruawong, Language Institute, Thammasat University

Alternate Candidate:

  1. Ms. Thitimar Chongtaku, School of Engineering and Technology, Asian Institute of Technology
  2. Ms. Thidawan Wichanee, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University
  3. Ms. Duangkamon Klungthong, English as an International Language Program, Graduate School, Chulalongkorn University

All 5 finalists will receive an email about further steps for the 2022 JRS program.

Please note that alternate candidates may be awarded if principal candidate(s) withdraws from the grant or the home or host institution agrees to provide full financial support to cover the research grant.

Category: NRCT Doctoral Students (RGJ/RRI Programs)

Re-advertising the announcement. The application deadline is extended to December 17, 2021. Candidate(s) who had an interview on November 16, 2021, will be re-considered together with the second slot.

For more information, please contact us at tusef@fulbrightthai.org (subject line: 2022 JRS).