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Making Conversation through Art

About TOFA

Thai Fulbright Alumni Association (T.F.A.) proudly introduces Thailand Fulbrighters and their achievements in various areas through Thailand Outstanding Fulbright Alumni (TOFA)



Cherishing the Fulbright vision and missions to promote cross-cultural understanding, caring communities, and giving mind, Fulbrighters commit themselves to strengthen their professional fields and enhance development of local and international communities.

The fist TOFA episode featured Dr. Vichaya Win Mukdamanee, a lecturer in fine art at Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University, and a visual artist. Win is a2008 Open Competition Scholarship Program (OC) to study Fine Art at Pratt Institute, New York.


Born in the artist family, Win considered it is his mission to open people to art, making it a door to critical thinking and conversations. Most of us think art are something irrelevant, difficult to understand, and costly. In fact, as Win believes, art is something that connects with our lives. It aims to bring us to conversations with deeper thinking.


In this modern world, we live a hectic pace of life, rarely with a moment for reflection. Through art, we then step back and ask ourselves questions such as what we have done and why we did it. The process of questioning will eventually broaden our worldview and yield meaningful conversations with ourselves and with others.


“Fulbright taught me that it’s about sharing. We live our lives to share. What we (artists) do now is to share that (art) to other people. So, I hope that, through my works, some people will see art in different ways. Some might lead them to something that they never thought that they could get before. Yeh. That will be the job that I would like to do.”