Alumni and Thai Fulbright Alumni Association (T.F.A.)
The Thai Fulbright alumni had been a loosely organized group from the mid 50s, as the first Fulbrighters returned with a spirit of fraternity which remained a constant element in their lives. The alumni group operated in the informal but very effective and worked closely with the Thailand-United States Educational Foundation (TUSEF/Fulbright Thailand) in organizing important functions such as anniversary celebrations, the hosting of foreign Fulbright officials, and orientations for the new grantees. In 1985, the first Fulbright Alumni Association Executive Board was established to strengthen the network as well as to facilitate alumni social and academic activities. The network became a legal entity in 1995 under the name “Thai Fulbright Association” and renamed “Thai Fulbright Alumni Association” or “T.F.A.” in 2010.
For over a decade, T.F.A. has committed itself to promote exchanges of knowledge and ideas among members; to support education, training, and knowledge transfer in the country; to assist Fulbright Thailand with its activities and operation; as well as to implement activities that are beneficial to the country.
Currently, there are around 3,100 Fulbright Thailand alumni including 1,900 Thais and 1,200 Americans.