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Fulbright U.S.-ASEAN Visiting Scholarship Program (USAS)

For Thai scholars conducting research on ASEAN related areas – 3-4 months


The regional competition Program offers grants to university faculty, foreign ministry or other government officials, and professional staff of the private sector, think tanks, and other NGOs in the ASEAN Member States to travel to the United States for scholarly and professional research for 3-4 months on priority issues to the U.S.-ASEAN relationship and ASEAN.

Selection will be based on professional qualifications of applicants, and on the quality and significance of their project proposals. The letter of invitation is optional at the time of application, yet applicants are encouraged to explore in advance the most appropriate location for their research/lecturing projects and should be able to indicate that the proposed host institutions are prepared to receive the scholars.

The grant covers a monthly stipend, a round-trip air ticket, professional and settling-in allowance, as well as lab and research fees (if applicable). Dependent expenses are not covered.




fields that support ASEAN initiatives including supporting regional economic integration, expanding maritime cooperation, promoting opportunities for women, fostering green growth, and addressing transnational challenges (including regional collaboration on issues such as curbing human trafficking, countering violent extremism, preventing wildlife trafficking or promoting sustainable fishing). Fields of study could include, but are not limited to: Education, Environmental Sciences, Financial Market Integration, Food Technology, Information Sciences, Journalism, Law, Political Science, Public Administration, Public/Global Health, Statistics, Trade and Investment, Trade Facilitation, and TEFL & Applied Linguistics. These programs and topics should also be of interest and relevance to Thailand and the ASEAN community. While projects can have specific focus, projects that are regional in scope and/or have clear implications for the entire ASEAN region are preferred.


Up to 2 nominees for regional competition

Final decision will be made by the U.S.-ASEAN Commission in Jakarta, Indonesia


Mid-June to mid-September

  1. Be a Thai citizen in good health, under the age of 58 at the time of application deadline
  2. Hold a master’s degree or higher in any field
  3. Must not have held a Fulbright grant within the past 5 years
  4. Must not have received a J-1 visa within the past two years

  1. Hold U.S. immigrant visas or permanent U.S. resident cards (green cards), or dual (Thai and U.S.) citizenships
  2. Have had extensive experience in the United States during the previous three years
  3. Have held a Fulbright grant within the past five years
  4. Have received a J-1 visa within the past two years

  1. Be physically present in Bangkok at the time of the interview
  2. Participate in preliminary orientation during mid-February and pre-departure orientation during the second week of June
  3. Be willing and able to serve as a resource person and a cultural ambassador in the United States in seminars, conferences, or in other capacities requested by the host institution or community
  4. Be prepared to participate in academic and alumni activities related to the program upon return to Thailand


Email: tusef@fulbrightthai.org

Tel: 0 2285 0581-2 Ext. 106