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Thai Graduate Scholarship Program (TGS)

For master’s or doctoral degree studies in a broad variety of fields with the exception of medicine, public health, nursing, and allied subjects – 2 years


TGS Program (formerly known as the Open Competition Scholarship Program) aims to provide opportunity for qualified Thai individuals to pursue a graduate degree in the United States. The Program is part of the Fulbright Foreign Student Program, which operates in more than 155 countries worldwide with approximately 4,000 foreign students receiving Fulbright scholarships each year.

The national competition sets the high standards that give a Fulbright scholarship its fine reputation. The selection process is based on individual merit and transparency. Academic and professional credentials, importance of the fields to Thailand, commitment to return and strength of character are the prime considerations for selecting applicants.

Successful candidates will be eligible to receive funding for the actual costs of their selected program, but not exceeding $35,000, in the first year, and $17,500 for the second year of the program. Grantees who require more than two years to complete their degrees are advised to seek funding from other sources to cover the remaining balance beyond the Fulbright grants. Fulbright Thailand and its partner organizations in the United States may be able to assist in seeking this additional funding, which could include teaching/research assistantships, tuition waivers, or fellowships.

Grants are intended to cover costs of tuition and fees, books and educational supplies, maintenance allowance, and insurance coverage. In addition to this grant, the Foundation will cover round-trip international travel expenses (economy class) between Thailand and the United States. Some of the grants may be combined with tuition waivers or other financial aid from appropriate institutions.


Master’s or doctoral degrees for a maximum of 2-year funding support


All fields are eligible except for medicine, dentistry, and nursing. Public health and allied subjects with no clinical practices are eligible.


Up to 7 grants annually


January-April of each year

  1. Must be a Thai citizen in good health
  2. Must have completed all requirements or in the last active term for a bachelor’s degree from a Thai university listed under Thailand’s Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC). Applicants with working experience are encouraged to apply.
  3. Must have a cumulative GPA of at least: Master’s degree applicant: 3.00 on the bachelor’s degree transcript, Doctoral degree applicants: 3.50 on the master’s degree transcript
  4. Must have one of the following valid English proficiency scores that are valid until the date of the application deadline: TOEFL iBT® score of at least 80 for master’s degree applicants and at least 100 for doctoral degree applicants; OR IELTS score of at least 6.5 for master’s degree applicants and at least 7.5 for doctoral degree applicants.
  5. Must be in Thailand for the interview and be able to participate in required activities if selected.
  6. Must not enroll in any degree program in the U.S. prior to the grant year.

  1. Individuals who hold U.S. immigrant visas or permanent U.S. resident cards (green cards), or dual citizenship (Thai and U.S.)
  2. Individuals who have received a bachelor’s degree from a non-Thai university (those listed under Thailand’s Office of the Higher Education Commission or OHEC)
  3. Individuals who have resided in the United States for five or more consecutive years in the six-year period preceding the date of application.
  4. Students who are already in the U.S. at the time of application
  5. Alumni who have received a Fulbright scholarship under the Open Competition Scholarship Program/Thai Graduate Scholarship Program
  6. Employees (paid or unpaid, including part-time or temporary employees, consultants, externs, fellows, and contract employees) of U.S. missions abroad who work for the U.S. Department of State or the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and their immediate families are ineligible for grants during and for a period ending one year following the termination of such employment, association, or service. (The one-year period of ineligibility is calculated from the date of termination of employment, service, or association until the due date for submission of applications.)

  1. Graduating seniors completing bachelor’s degree programs or master’s degree programs after the application deadline can apply using an official transcript with records up to the first semester of their last year of study. However, applicants must submit an original official transcript confirming receipt of the bachelor’s degree with an eligible GPA once the degree has been approved. This is in addition to the official transcript initially submitted with the application, and it must be submitted at least one week before the interview date.
  2. If an applicant is selected as a finalist, any changes to the degree sought (master’s or doctorate) and field of study are not permitted.


Email: tusef@fulbrightthai.org

Tel: 0 2285 0581-2 Ext. 107


Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)


International English Language Testing System (IELTS)


Graduate Record Exam (GRE)


Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) for business students



Q: To which country does the Fulbright Program offer grants?

A: The United States. The Fulbright Program in Thailand is a bi-national program for academic exchanges between Thailand and the United States.

Q: Can I apply for the Fulbright Thai Graduate Scholarship if I already have a master’s degree?

A: Yes, but grant consideration will be made on the academic record of your bachelor’s degree. You will need to submit transcripts of all degrees. You can also apply for a doctoral degree if all criteria are met.

Q: Can I apply for a master's program that takes more than 2 years to complete?

A: Yes, but you are responsible for the additional expenses necessary to complete the program.

Q: Can I apply for a Ph.D. program that includes a master’s degree?

A: No, you can only apply to either a master’s program or a doctoral program.

Q: What kind of commitment does the Fulbright Program require?

A: The Fulbright Program provides grants with no strings attached. However, Fulbright grantees are holders of J-1 visas and are therefore subjected to a two-year residency requirement. That means they are not allowed to work in the U.S. for 2 years after the visa expires. (Marriage to a U.S. citizen is not exempted.) You are also advised to check with your home institution or employer for any further commitments.

Q: If I am not a Thai citizen, but living in Thailand, can I apply for a Fulbright scholarship through Fulbright Thailand?

A: No. You need to contact the Fulbright Commission or U.S. Embassy in your country of citizenship.

Q: I received my bachelor’s degree from overseas, but I completed a master’s degree from a Thai university. Am I eligible?

A: No. Regardless of the degree applying, all applicants must hold bachelor's degrees from Thai universities.

Q: If I am currently a first-year master’s student in the U.S., can I apply for a Fulbright scholarship for my second year of study?

A: No. Fulbright selects candidates as a cohort, and they need to work with Fulbright Thailand from the start.

Q: Is it acceptable if I have a TOEFL iBT score report of 79?

A: No. The minimum requirement for TOEFL iBT® is 80 for master's degree applicants and 100 for doctoral degree applicants. Applications that do not meet any one of the eligibility requirements will be disqualified and will not be considered.

Q: If I graduated from a master's program abroad/an international program, do I still need to submit a TOEFL score report?

A: Yes. It is a universal requirement for non-native speakers of English..

Q: Do I need GRE and GMAT score reports?

A: GRE and GMAT scores are not required at the time of scholarship application. However, once selected, grantees will need to have these scores for university application.

Q: Is it acceptable if my GPA is in percentage?

A: Please send a copy of your transcript to us at tusef@fulbrightthai.org for review.

Q: My cumulative GPA for bachelor’s degree is 2.99. Can I apply for the Fulbright TGS Program? Will other qualifications (e.g. extra-curricular activities) help?

A: It depends on the following condition:

  • No. If you are applying for a scholarship for a master’s degree program, you must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00 from your bachelor’s degree. Applications that do not meet the any one of the eligibility requirements will be disqualified and will not be considered.
  • Yes. If you are applying for a doctoral program, and your master’s degree cumulative GPA is higher than 3.5, you can apply for a scholarship for a doctoral program, in spite of cumulative GPA of 2.99 at the undergraduate level.

Q: Do I need to submit an official transcript? Can I download an online transcript from the university’s website?

A: Yes. For initial application submission, you can submit a scan of your official transcript with your completed GPA record and courses taken up to the latest semester. However, an official transcript is needed and must be submitted if you are invited for an interview.

Q: Do I need an acceptance from a university before submitting the grant application?

A: Not necessary. University applications can be completed after you are selected as a Fulbright candidate. Those who are already accepted need to defer their studies to the following academic year. Please consult with your university admission officer if this is the case. However, having an admission offer does not guarantee that you will be selected as a principal candidate for the scholarship.

Q: Can I apply to study a discipline different from my undergraduate degree?

A: Yes, but with good reasons provided in the essays.

Q: How many disciplines can I apply for in the same year?

A: Only one.

Q: How can I submit letters of recommendations

A: Your recommenders can submit letters of recommendation by completing the form through an online application system. Applicants must register them as a part of their application.

From the year 2020 onwards, we no longer accept paper letters of recommendation. All three recommendation letters must be submitted before the deadline.

Q: Are there any previous exams available for sale? Any samples for interview questions?

A: No. There are no exams for the Fulbright Program. The interview questions also vary from year to year depending on the committee panel, which also changes on a yearly basis.

Q: If I want to re-apply for the scholarship, can I submit the same application I submitted from the previous year’s competition?

A: It is not recommended as there might be some changes in details in your application.

Q: May I ask for Fulbright alumni contacts?

A: Fulbright Thailand reserves the right to keep alumni contacts confidential.